Netflix Movies Starring Dan Tobin

Dan Tobin's career in Hollywood as a small part supporting player spanned three decades, beginning in 1939. Adding to his slightly shifty appearance -- squinty eyes, high cheekbones and generally sporting a thin moustache -- was a fussy, bumptious manner, which made him ideal typecasting as supercilious, miserly, smugly conceited or obsequious types. Though Tobin's screen personae could be sinister, or at least underhanded, they also often provided comic relief, as, for instance, his somewhat camp, bow-tied employee Gerald Howe in Woman of the Year (1942). On stage, he had his biggest hit in Philip Barry's classic comedy play "The Philadelphia Story" (Broadway (1939-40), playing the part of Alexander 'Sandy' Lord. By the mid-1950's, Tobin had drifted from films towards guest appearances in early anthology series and sitcoms on television. He had a regular spot in the final season of Perry Mason (1957) as Raymond Burr's restaurateur friend Terrance Clay. Read more on iMDB