Netflix Movies Starring Cyrinda Foxe

Cyrinda Foxe was born Kathleen Hetzekian, and she says that she grew up in an abusive household. Kathleen left home before she graduated from high school and lived for a while in Texas before settling in New York City. Kathleen changed her name to Cyrinda Foxe and became part of the New York nightlife crowd in the 1970s at famed nightclub Max's Kansas City. She also became an actress; her best known role was in Andy Warhol's movie Bad (1977). While she was making a name for herself as an actress, Cyrinda had an affair with David Bowie, became pregnant with his child, and had an abortion. Cyrinda grew up idolizing the Rolling Stones and she eventually became involved with the New York Dolls, a glam-rock band often compared to the Stones. In 1977, Cyrinda married David Johansen, frontman for the New York Dolls. Read more on iMDB