Netflix Movies Starring Crystin Sinclaire

Sassy, spunky and slender blonde actress Crystin Sinclaire popped up in a small handful of movies during her regrettably fleeting career, but she nonetheless brought a winning blend of raw vitality and considerable earthy sex appeal to the few delightfully down'n'dirty 70s drive-in features she appeared in. Sinclaire made a lively debut as the brash and uninhibited wildcat Crazy Alice in Jonathan Demme's wonderful chicks-in-chains classic "Caged Heat" and was likewise solid as a brassy hooker who volunteers for a desperate suicide mission in the entertainingly trashy World War II action potboiler "Hustler Squad." She gave a fine and impressive performance as Mel Ferror's loyal, but long-suffering daughter Libby in Tobe Hooper's excellent "Eaten Alive." Sinclaire had a funny part as a stuck-up tramp in Curtis Harrington's immensely enjoyable "Ruby" and was memorably fetching as love interest Tricia in the goofy "Goin' Coconuts. Read more on iMDB