Netflix Movies Starring Collin Place

Collin Place was born in Salina, Kansas in 1997 and soon after his birth, he and his mother, father, and brother, all packed up and moved to Edmond, Oklahoma where Collin grew up. Randy and Sandy Place, Collin's parents, always supported their two boys with anything they wanted to do. From acting to playing sports, singing, drumming, and much more. Austin Place, Collin's older brother, loves to play soccer and attends University at Buffalo in New York and is on the soccer team as a center defender. Acting became an interest to Collin when he was eleven years old. Michelle De Long, a well known casting director and acting teacher, took him in with open arms to ACTS Acting Academy. Collin does many auditions, classes, and workshops at the Acting Academy. In 2012, Collin landed his first significant lead role in the indie movie The Posthuman Project (2014). Read more on iMDB