Netflix Movies Starring Circus Szalewski

Circus-Szalewski began the pursuit of a performing arts career immediately after high school and was acting professionally within five years. Overall, C-S has credits on stage spanning 35 years, 25 years in television, nearly a decade in feature cinema, and has recently ventured into the new realm of interactive cinema with David Donihue's The Weathered Underground (via iPod, PlayStation, and computer distribution from Circus' portrayals of deceased great wordsmiths include Tennessee Williams, Hart Crane, and John Lennon while the C-S penchant for character work has resulted in feature film performances as diverse as aging punk cave-diver, militant Christian computer-hacker, corporate villain, backwoods good ol' boy, marathon runner, small town deputy, surfer turned inventor, and a Gollum-esque persona in the parody Dork of the Rings. Read more on iMDB