Netflix Movies Starring Chriss Anglin

Already an award winning stage actor for his performance as Mike Talman in Fredrick Knott's "Wait Until Dark", Chriss Anglin has made the transition from stage to both the big and small screen with effortless ease. A dynamic presence, Anglin recently starred in David Zucker's "An American Carol" alongside Kelsey Grammar, Dennis Hopper, Jon Voight and Kevin Farley, where he went head to head with these comedy veterans, garnering praise from critics and public alike for his leading man stature and command of the screen with his dead on portrayal of JFK. Born November 19, 1964 in Hamilton, Ohio, Anglin is one of 8 kids. With everyday a struggle for attention, Anglin found himself early on making up plays for his parents or cracking jokes and doing impersonations, a sign of things yet to come. A former law enforcement officer, it was his work as an undercover narcotics officer that led Anglin to his formal theater training which he called upon when assuming personas in executing harrowing assignments. Read more on iMDB