Netflix Movies Starring Chris Warner

Chris Warner has been described as the kid in the candy store meets the bull in the china shop. He's kinda like if The Hulk and Winnie The Pooh were the Wonder Twins: Shape of: a lovable teddy bear, Form of: a big, aggressive, undeniable personality! From the second you meet him, you quickly realize that there's no doubt he was born to entertain. Armed with an intense wit and a commanding presence, he's sure to instantly grab your attention. . .so hold on tight! Chris began acting over two decades ago in Austin, TX. After some marked success in both film and commercials, Chris' last role while still living in Texas before departing for the bright lights of Hollywood, was opposite Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey in The Life of David Gale. You may also recognize him opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the Academy Award-winning film No Country for Old Men or with Benicio Del Toro's Jackie Boy in the ground-breaking movie Frank Miller's Sin City. Read more on iMDB