Netflix Movies Starring Britani Bateman

Britani Bateman is most known for her role as Kelly Powers in The RM, her most recent role as Tori Spelling's best friend in The Mistle-Tones, and her lead role in Mobsters and Mormons. She has played leading and principle roles in 14 other motion pictures. In addition to film, Bateman has shot 46 national commercials and has worked as a model, voice-over actress, B roadway star, professional dancer and recording artist. Bateman was raised in Sacramento, California. An artist from childhood, Batemen quickly became part of the family "business", touring in a musical style review with her parents and four siblings. Upon earning her BFA and graduating top of her class, she landed a recording contract with Disney, singing the famous songs, "Part of Your World" and "Celebrate the Magic of Disney." She was then employed in Japan for a year, working for Tokyo Disneyland and shooting commercials, filming Japanese soap operas, and modeling. Read more on iMDB