Netflix Movies Starring Bo Mitchell

Bo was discovered at a young age of 9 months. His first job was a print ad, Bo continued from there with many more print and commercials,From Landrover to Nikon, before starting to work in TV and Film at about age 5. Bo still resides in the South about 6 months a year. Bo Mitchell age 20,is one of the Souths most famous, Known best as Wayne Powers nephew to Kenny Powers on the hit HBO TV show EastBound and Down. Bo is also well known in the Pro skateboard industry. Bo is the owner of HIC skateboard company,skate shop & indoor skateboard park, Bo started his business in 2003 with Hollywoods Tropical Sno, Bo started this 100 flavor Snocone business at the age of 8 and had 3 units, and sold it all at age 15 to start his HIC skateboard company. Read more on iMDB