Netflix Movies Starring Bernhard Naglestad

Bernhard was born in Bækkelaget, Oslo and has lived here for about 18 years. He went to Brannfjell Skole, before he graduated at Wang Toppidrett. He played handball at BSK Handball, and did quite well at it. In later events Bernhard has been known for trips to Magaluf, Beitostølen and we expect much from him in Trysil this new years eve. His great break-through came with his part as "Andy" in "Ikke Naken". This was quite awesome and he recieved a lot of fan mail from young girls. To this day, Bernhard is still being tributed by his friends for his interpretation of Andy. After "Ikke Naken", Bernhard decided to put his acting career aside, to become an engineer, main focusing on rocks. Bernhard simply loves rocks. Bernhard spent one year in the Norwegian army protecting our borders against the Russians, and recieved the "Vernepliktighetsmedalje". Read more on iMDB