Netflix Movies Starring Benu Mabhena

When actress Benu Mabhena smiles, she lights up the room with her rare beauty. That's because the Blood Diamond (2006) actress loves life and appreciates where acting takes her.While shooting the multiple award winning film, Benu and actress Jennifer Connelly would visit and volunteer on their days off at an orphanage in Mozambique -- an experience that Benu believes was one of her most memorable.The determined actress -- whose last name (Mabhena) represents a totem for cheetah that translates in Zulu as "speed" -- spent most of her life on the run, living in exile. Benu's family roots are with the Ndebele Tribe and their heritage stems from the Zulu. Her parents and five brothers were born in Zimbabwe, while younger Benu and her sister hail from London. After spending four years in London, the family traveled back to Zimbabwe, where they stayed for two years. Read more on iMDB