Netflix Movies Starring Ben Lee

Ben Lee made his stage debut in 1993, fronting the indie rock band "Noise Addict", a foursome of Sydney school friends. The band was signed to "Fellaheen Records" that same year, when the average age of the group was only 14. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore also signed the band to his "Ecstatic Peace" label. Then, in 1994, Mike D of the Beastie Boys signed "Noise Addict" to the young label "Grand Royal Records". Ben Lee's solo debut "Grandpaw Would" was released in March 1995 when Ben was just 16 years old. He followed that with the album "Something To Remember Me By" in 1997 and "Breathing Tornados" in 1999. On "Breathing Tornados", Ben collaborated with Harmony Korine and Petra Haden. As for his film debut, Ben stars in The Rage in Placid Lake (2003) with Rose Byrne and directed by Tony McNamara. Read more on iMDB