Netflix Movies Starring Ben Bledsoe

Ben Bledsoe spent most of his young life performing. As a child living in California he was a child model and also acted in several commercials throughout the late 80s and early 90s. In his teen years his parents moved him to Longwood, Florida a suburb of Orlando, Florida where he met future band mate Marc Terenzi. At the age of 16 he helped formed the band "Natural" with fellow members Patrick King, Michael Johnson, and later Michael 'J' Horn. After his move to Florida, Ben did whatever acting was available to him in Orlando including episodes of "Kenan and Kel" and "The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo," as well as countless commercials for companies like Disney, Drug Free America, KFC, etc. After meeting Marc Terenzi, Ben decided to change careers and start a band. He had always sung and played multiple instruments such as the bass and saxophone, but had never been interested in music as a career until he really found some musicians he clicked with. Read more on iMDB