Netflix Movies Starring B.j. Hogg

BJ Hogg, a true Ulsterman, born in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. His father William was a plater in Harland and Woolfe shipyard in Belfast His mother May ran a general store in their home town. BJ has travelled the world as an actor, writer and now director. He is a true all-rounder, a classically trained musician who started his career whilst in his teens, touring with the Big Bands, all over his native Ireland. His acting career has taken him from theatre roles in Belfast Art's and Lyric Theatres to London's Royal Court, including the Moscow Arts Theatre and the National Theatre of Belarus in Minsk. In Russia, BJ was the only European actor to be invited to play with an all Russian cast in the Russian stage play, Threshold, in Moscow Arts Theatre and The National ByloRussian State Theatre (Yanka Kupala) Minsk. Read more on iMDB