Netflix Movies Starring Austin Bickel

Austin had his first professional photo shoot just two months before his 4th birthday for the Chiquita Company's 2005 annual report. So began Austin's modeling career at age three which gradually turned into television commercials and shows, to voiceover projects and on-screen principal roles, and live theater performances beginning at age 6. "Whip It", directed by Drew Barrymore and starring Ellen Page, was a wonderful first film experience as Austin played Kristin Wiig's 6 year old son Riley. Though his lines were cut from the film he was given the opportunity to film 4 different scenes with all three of these terrific ladies rather than the original two planned. Drew Barrymore was the perfect first director for Austin since they could bond about having been so young in their first films. Austin also loves to perform musical theater, comedy, and action adventure, dreaming of someday doing more extensive film adaptations of the Young Indiana Jones book series from age 9 through the teen years. Read more on iMDB