Netflix Movies Starring Audie Murphy

Audie Murphy became a national hero during World War II as the most decorated combat soldier of the war. Among his 33 awards was the Medal of Honor, the highest award for bravery that a soldier can receive. In addition, he was also decorated for bravery by the governments of France and Belgium, and was credited with killing over 240 German soldiers and wounding and capturing many more. Audie Leon Murphy was born 20 June 1925 in Kingston, Hunt County, Texas, to Josie Bell (Killian) and Emmett Berry Murphy, poor sharecroppers. After the death of his mother and the outbreak of WWII, Murphy enlisted in the army after being turned down by the Navy and the Marines. Being underage at the time, his older sister and designated legal guardian Corinne provided him a letter of consent. After undergoing basic military training, he was sent first to North Africa. Read more on iMDB