Netflix Movies Starring Atlin Mitchell

Atlin was born on Denman Island, BC. Her family moved around when she was a toddler, until returning to the West Coast and beginning gymnastics around the age of 9. She excelled at gymnastics and became a National Team member within a couple of years. In grade 10, she had ACL surgery, which left her with 6 months of light activity. During this time, she took an intense acting class. Once recovered from her knee reconstruction, she went back to the gym, continuing on to receive a Full Athletic Scholarship to the University of Illinois Chicago. After graduation, Atlin went on to Cirque Du Soleil for 5 years. During this time, she worked on Saltimbanco and Quidam in Europe, Mexico, North and South America, while also doing special events for Cirque, like the Pregame show at Superbowl XLIII. In 2009, Atlin returned home and unpacked her bags to pursue stunts. Read more on iMDB