Netflix Movies Starring Art Chudabala

Art Chudabala was born and raised in Los Angeles by Thai parents who instilled a strong work ethic and encouraged Art's development as an artist. His acting career began in 1987, at the age of seventeen, starring opposite Christian Slater in Graeme Clifford's Gleaming the Cube (1989). After impressing casting director Elisabeth Leustig, he won the pivotal role of Slater's adopted Vietnamese brother, whose unexpected murder propels the story forward. When production wrapped, he finished high school and went on to achieve certification as a sound engineer from the Los Angeles Recording Workshop in Studio City, CA. to begin a career in the music industry. After graduation, Art spent the next six months in Thailand working to get a recording studio off the ground. And, although that business venture failed, the lessons learned would serve him well back in Hollywood. Read more on iMDB