Netflix Movies Starring Anzu Lawson

Anzu Lawson is a force of nature in many disciplines. Throughout her artistic life, she's enjoyed success in acting, music, stand-up comedy, screenwriting & directing. A true warrior when it comes to following her passions, which have led her on many creative adventures, each one adding another layer to the multi-dimensional artist that is Anzu Lawson. Born in Klamath Falls, Oregon-raised in Southern California, Anzu's mother kidnapped she and her sister Sophia during a custody battle, to live and work as a teen J-Pop star in Japan at the age of 15. Beginning at age 7, Anzu's first taste for acting was opposite Academy Award-nominated actor, Mako in her first screen test playing his granddaughter, in an independent film. Then at 14, She was scouted to model in Tokyo, thus beginning her International career path. Read more on iMDB