Netflix Movies Starring Andrew Dickler

Andrew Dickler has been a film editor for many years. He has been a film actor for only a few years. His last starring role was in the feature film "Douchebag," which played in competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. In that film, Dickler plays the older brother of two brothers where he belittles his sibling for just about everything, until the end when his character steps up and embraces his younger brother's passion for art. In "We've Got Balls," Dickler plays the part of George Pandick, who doubles as both Fountain Bowl's only bowling instructor (the town has 52 people) and the one-person city council. He is best known for his dry-witted comedy. On set, Dickler is a consummate improviser, so much so, that "We've Got Balls" director, Cherie Kerr, encouraged Dickler to play with certain scenes. Read more on iMDB