Netflix Movies Starring Alwyn Kurts

One of Australia's most recognisable actors, Alwyn Kurts had previously been an accredited war correspondent, before becoming a notable figure in Melbourne radio in the 1950s via his program "Raising A Husband", and as an executive at radio station 3XY. Shortly after television arrived in 1956, he transferred "Raising A Husband" from radio, going on to host other TV game shows "Hutton's Family Quiz" and "Dont Argue". He compered the debate program "Fighting Words" in the early 1960s, before moving into acting with guest roles in "Hunter" and "Homicide". He became a household name after joining the regular cast of "Homicide" in 1969 as Inspector Colin Fox. His portrayal of the gruff policeman won him much praise, leading to a flood of work when he exited the series in 1973. He was (briefly) one of the hosts on the local version of "Beauty & The Beast", before stunning critics and viewers alike as Ted Cook in the sit-com "The Last Of The Australians". Read more on iMDB