Netflix Movies Starring Alexandra Smothers

Alexandra Smothers was born at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto. Her father was a third generation Cardinal at Stanford. She jokes that she must have been a "smart baby" to be born at such a prestigious school. Her Dad became a well-respected attorney and her mom was a waitress at their family restaurant for 50 years known as the "Rainbow Hut" on the Central Coast. She moved a lot as a child, between her biker mom and protective sister, her intellectual giant of a Dad, and ultimately the two who had a great impact on her life, her grandparents. She is grateful to them for raising her, with the help of her great aunt and uncle from Palo Alto for taking her from foster care and providing her with a boarding school education. Alexandra experienced living at every economic level and had a myriad of life experiences that give her a rich well to draw from as an actress. Read more on iMDB