Netflix Movies Starring Aidan Whytock

Aidan has a stammer. Being understood and heard didn't feature regularly as a kid. So when he found himself performing a one-liner role in a school play and the audience laughed with him, not at him, something clicked. After winning South Africa's Fleur Du Cap People's Choice Award for his performance in the comedy thriller stage production 'I Am Hamlet' Aidan turned to a need to tell a darker story of being an actor. 'The Actor' is his debut feature as a director, producer, co-writer and lead actor. Filmed on a micro-budget of just under R50,000 in 2014 Aidan has learned many a hard lesson about feature filmmaking. However those lessons have proved valuable as he has gone onto multiple awards at the 48 Hour Film Project with his short film 'Weapon Of Choice', and to win the Mercedes Benz Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival with his short film 'The Choice' (he likes choice it seems). Read more on iMDB