Netflix Movies Starring Adrienne Frantz

An accomplished actor, singer and songwriter, Adrienne Frantz made a name for herself on television playing the character of Amber Moore on two CBS daytime dramas throughout the 1990s and 2000s. An outgoing only child, by age three Adrienne Danielle Frantz was holding private dance recitals in her hometown of Mount Clemens, Michigan. In spite of a busy schedule of dance, voice and theater classes, Frantz managed to graduate from high school at age sixteen and promptly packed her bags and headed off to New York City in search of her dreams - and never looked back. While enrolled in her freshman year at Marymount College in New York City, Frantz won the role of Tiffany Thorne on Aaron Spelling's new NBC soap-opera Sunset Beach (1997) and moved to Los Angeles. Within a few months she jumped ship from a struggling to join one of the most-watched shows around the globe: producer/writer Bradley Bell hired her for the plum part of the scheming, yet vulnerable, Amber Moore on The Bold and the Beautiful (1987). Read more on iMDB