Netflix Movies Starring Adam Vernier

Adam was born in Manassas, Virgina in 1972. His father is a retired pilot who lives in California. He attended Southwest Missouri State University. Adam was 13 when he did his first play "On Golden Pond" in Pensacola, Florida kicking off the 50th anniversary of Pensacola Little Theatre (1986). Adam worked under an Equity contract at Walt Disney World for 3 years before moving to Los Angeles in February 1999 where he continued working for "The Mouse" at Disney's California Adventure. Vernier does crowd warm up for various sitcoms and feature films. Adam has appeared in countless Films, Television Shows, Commercials and Industrial Videos. Vernier also has an extensive resume in voice over work with over 1000 commercials for various products and companies. Vernier is married with 2 children and lives in Florida. Read more on iMDB