Netflix Movies Starring Abdullah The Butcher

Known throughout the annals of professional wrestling as "The Wildman from the Sudan," Abdullah the Butcher was born Lawrence Shreeve in Windsor, Ontario, on January 1, 1936. Wrestling at over 400 lbs through his career, Abby became a legend for bloodying opponents and was one of the first wrestlers to regularly use foreign objects in the ring on his opponents. His weapon of choice later in his career was a fork. Abby was a master at the professional wrestling talent of "blading," intentionally cutting onesself or an opponent in the forehead and bleeding through the match. The Butcher spent most of his wrestling career travelling from promotion to promotion. His wrestling gimmick, though extremely popular, tended to wear itself out quickly, so like his contemporary Andre the Giant, he was seldom a fixture for long in any one place, but was always remembered wherever he went and his return eagerly anticipated. Read more on iMDB