Netflix Movies Starring Aaron Farb

Aaron Farb was born in Rockford, Il on March 12, 1981. After finishing school with a double major in Fine Art (intaglio printmaking) and business marketing, Aaron established a company with his father building custom log cabins. While the company was a success, the artist within eventually opened the door to the world of cinema. While Michael Mann's film Public Enemies (2009) was on location in Wisconsin, Aaron was hired as Christian Bale's standin. After booking several films and commercials in Chicago, it was time to close the shop and follow this new passion to Los Angeles. Aaron's natural intensity and connectedness quickly began drawing attention. His studio film debut was across from Leonardo DiCaprio as Officer Jones, in Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar (2011). He has continued his work with Hollywood greats such as Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson in The Master (2012), Harrison Ford in 42 (2013), Alex Kurtzman in People Like Us (2012), and Jeremy Renner in Kill the Messenger (2014). Read more on iMDB