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  • Marcin Skruch
  • Production Company
  • MayaVic Media
  • Ireland XVIII c. Why is Predator hunting in Ireland, are those people that he's targeting, really what they appear to be?Where have I've seen that exact Predator before and what Stephen Hopkins has to do with it? You'll see.

  • XVIII c. Ireland. Father is searching for his son, who run away from home. Durring his journey he's finding out more then he anticipated and of course he's faced with our good old friend "Creachadóir". That's Predator in Gaelic. Is it the same one that will give Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) the pistol? Stay tuned for more news.

  • In eighteenth-century Ireland, the desperate father, Kevin Hall, assembles a small group of fellow townsfolk in search of his missing son. Not knowing what to expect, the men venture into the unknown, only to realise that appearances can be deceiving. But, the Predator, the fearsome interstellar hunter, has been known to roam the Earth since the beginning of time. Will the father and son reunite?

    —Nick Riganas

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