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A young woman moves to Los Angeles with the task of helping a famous author edit her upcoming romance novel. While dealing with the diva's many demands, she meets two men and realizes the ...

After being let down by yet another boyfriend in a long line of deadbeats, Natalie Holland has decided to make a change in her life. Thanks to an opportunity from her long time friend, Avery Goldstein, Natalie decides to move to Los Angeles and work with esteemed author, Beverly Wilcox, as an editor for Goldstein Publishing. Upon arrival, Avery tells Natalie that she needs to start dating men who not only look good in person, but have outstanding credentials that make them look good on paper. So, when she meets the handsome, but seemingly unambitious John Cooper, she makes a conscious effort to avoid falling for him. With the fate of the company riding on the success of Beverly's book, Natalie must put her heart and soul into her job all the while discovering what her heart wants versus what looks good on paper.


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