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An actress suffers an emotional uproar in her personal life after a fan dies trying to see her.

Renowned actress Myrtle Gordon is in final out-of-town rehearsals in New Haven, Connecticut for her latest play, The Second Woman, before it begins its Broadway run. Myrtle, through her behavior, is causing problems for those involved with the show, including: her fellow actors, especially her leading man, Maurice Aarons, a former lover; the director, Manny Victor, who is facing issues of his own in what is only the latest in a string of marital problems with wife, Dorothy; playwright Sarah Goode; and producer David Samuels. The problem is that Myrtle says that she cannot relate to the play and the plight of her character, a woman dealing with the loss of her youth. In reality, middle aged Myrtle is seemingly unwilling to admit that she too is getting old, something that sixty-five year old Sarah seems content with about her own life. Myrtle's erratic behavior is exacerbated by her excessive drinking. Things take a further downward spiral when Myrtle, among others, witnesses the accidental death outside of the theater of one of her adoring fans, seventeen year old Nancy Stein. Following, Myrtle begins to see visions of Nancy. She states that she can turn these visions of Nancy on and off - that the visions are things she can use for the play, as to her Nancy represents the hopes and dreams of the first "younger" woman - but she, deep in her heart, knows the visions are so much more and things that she cannot control. Will Myrtle be able to take control of her life, what is represented in the play, by opening night?


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