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  • Six girls have been found murdered in the apartment of famed Russian occultist, Karl "Raymar" Raymarseivich, and police cannot explain the bizarreness of it. All six girls were stuffed into a closet, there were plates and silverware embedded in the walls, and when Raymar's body was lifted onto a stretcher, bolts of electricity shot out from his fingers. Not even his estranged daughter, Olivia McKenna (Melissa Newman), or her down-to-earth husband Allan (Adam West) knows what went on; that is, until they meet Samuel Dockstader (Donald Hotton), a feature writer for "The World of the Occult". Dockstader, once a friend to Raymar, explains that Raymar was a psychic vampire who gained great powers of telekinesis by kidnapping young girls, terrorizing them, and feeding off the bioenergy they produced. Allan doesn't belive a word of it, but Dockstader shows Olivia a set of Kirlian photographs to demonstrate how bioenergy works and gives her an audiotape that outlines his findings from "the Raymar telekinesis experiment." Olivia believes him.

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