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Sick of the neglect he receives from his mom and dad, a young boy leaves home and travels the world in search of new parents.

An adolescent named North excels in almost everything he does, and as such is appreciated by everyone he knows, that is seemingly except his parents, who are too absorbed in their own individual lives to pay North any attention. That neglect by his parents leads to North starting to suffer in all his activities. Feeling that there is a more supportive life for him somewhere else, North, with the support of his best friend Winchell and ambulance chasing lawyer Arthur Belt, goes about legally divorcing himself from his parents. The judge's July 1 ruling is that he is giving North the ability to do so, but that he must be in the arms of his chosen parents by 12:00 Labor Day, or else be sent to live in an orphanage. So North travels the globe auditioning one set of potential parents after another, learning life lessons along the way, usually with a guardian angel looking out for him, that angel who first appeared to North in the form of a shopping center Easter bunny. As North discards those potential parents one after another, he is unaware of what is happening back at home, where Winchell, with Bent by his side, is working on his own agenda, blocking North's parents from contacting him, the result possibly being to relegate North to an orphanage for the remainder of his minor life.


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