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Five New Yorkers come together on Christmas Eve, seeking a miracle.

New York cop Mike Riley and his suspicious partner Dennis are amused to see old waiter Artie Venzuela spoil him. But Artie isn't gay, he 'stalks' Mike as presumed reincarnation of his late wife, desperate for closure, while unable to connect with his own adult son. Mike's Latino fiancée Nina Vasquez dumps him for suffocating jealousy, mainly over-protective (professionally deformed) misunderstandings, but neither can miss the other. Quiet block neighbor Jules Calvert can't handle the holidays and craves the only humanly warm Christmas he ever spent, in hospital, enough to have his arm broken just hoping for a reenactment. Terminal priest Charlie Boyd interacts as patient and helpful spirit with social cripple Rose Collins, who can't cope with life, let alone care for her apathetic Alzheimer-patient ma.


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