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Sameer, fast at losing his temper is re-located to Goa where he falls in love with Rani. But Sameer's new roommate Sunny, has some plans of his own.

Sameer, fast at losing his temper is re-located to Goa in India. Where he rents a room, he likes to fool around with woman, then dump them. He eventually falls in love, then gets dumped. Sorrowful and repentant, Sameer also has had many misadventures, especially when he ended up slapping an elderly man. One day suddenly Sunny appears and became Sameer's room-mate. Now Sameer has fallen head over heels in love with his next door neighbor, Rani. Now Sameer has two problems to overcome in order to wed Rani. The first he has to eliminate his competitor, none other than Sunny himself, who is also in love with Rani, and will do anything to marry her; and the second is Rani's father, ironically the very man who Sameer had slapped earlier. A battle prevails between the two young men at this stage and the winner will have Rani's hand in marriage.


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