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A nice-guy cop with dissociative identity disorder must protect a woman on the run from a corrupt ex-boyfriend and his associates.

It had all started when a patrol officer named Charlie Baileygates was married. Unfortunately, his wife left him for the short Black guy who was their limousine driver. Charlie is single again and taking care of three children. A series of misfortunes for Charlie developed an inner anger within him, then it came out in a form of another personality known as Hank Evans. While Charlie is nice, kind, and usually calm, Hank is the polar opposite of Charlie, being outrageous, mean, and short-tempered. Luckily, Charlie told his doctor about this other personality, who prescribed him with medication to suppress Hank. One day, Charlie was assigned to personally escort a woman named Irene Waters to a prison in upstate New York. Then, a series of unfortunate events happen as both Charlie and Irene run into a group of corrupt cops and Irene's abusive ex-boyfriend. In the middle of it all, Charlie loses his medication and now fears that Hank will present himself and make the situation worse. While running, Charlie and Irene fall for each other (and so does Hank). Now, Both Charlie and Irene must stop the dirty cops, Irene's ex-boyfriend, and stay one step ahead of Hank.


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