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After hiring Micke, a carpenter from Stockholm, to help renovate her kitchen, upper class Veronika develops immediate feelings for him. The two are keen to start a relationship, but their ...

Veronica falls head over heels for Mike, a carpenter who is rebuilding the kitchen in her plush high-end apartment. The sawdust has barely landed on the floor before the first hot kiss. Their teenage kids Fanny and Alexander however are not as amused and have a harder time accepting the union. Veronica decides that a summer holiday nearby her wealthy parents on the west coast is exactly what they all need. Mike on the other hand is not so relaxed in these upper class surroundings and when his own dysfunctional family and a sexually free spirited neighbour gets into the game Mikes and Veronicas relationship is up for a serious challenge. Set in the beautiful Swedish summer archipelago we follow three generations unravel their disentangled relations in this star-studded relationship comedy.


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