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  • Fernando Colomo
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Fidel is a CEO from a company named Omnicron in the eye of the hurricane when, while he was having sex with his secretary on his office, he suddenly suffers of "penis captivus" and is trapped, unable to withdraw of her. The arrival of a medical team to take from there to the hospital is turned in a video viral by some office workers, and he's fired by the company, being rejected too by his girlfriend and adoptive family. Missing from the public eye, a year later Fidel decides to meet his biological mother to rebuild his life, who gave him for adoption after his birth. Going to the hotel where Virginia works as cleaner woman to meet her in the bar, Fidel is bullied by a waiter who was a former intern of his own, causing his rage. Arriving at the bar, Virginia finds a furious Fidel going away from there, and she tries to stop him. Desperate and frustrate, Fidel tries commit suicide throwing himself to a bus, hitting violently and falling to the sidewalk. In the hospital Virginia learns that Fidel suffers amnesia, and not knowing where he lives, Virginia decides take Fidel to her house, where she lives with her two lazies and unemployed sons, Elton and Maikel (Fidel's step-brothers). Discovering his real past in Internet as the guilty to fire Omnicron's 300 employees (friends of her own and including her sons), Virginia hides it to everyone, hoping it to be forgotten. Elton and Maikel, seeing Fidel as a stranger and a menace for them, they expel Fidel from house, walking by the city until that casually he arrives the place where Virginia and her friends make street dance, meeting Maribel, the beauty street dancer teacher. Looking a job for him, Virginia meets Luciano, Fidel's father, for that Fidel works in his supermarket, at the same time that she learns Fidel's talent for street dance. But when a headhunter looking for musical numbers for a TV talent show discovers Las Mamis ("The Mommies"), the musical group formed by Virginia and friends, he recognizes Fidel in the group and takes advantage to the situation, hoping to get high audiences in the program. Meanwhile Virginia tries to save Fidel from the others fearing their reaction if they realize who he is really, Fidel's memory starts to give signals to recovery, implying to face his happy present against his stormy past. —Chockysdanceradoptioncleanercleaner as protagonistcleaning lady281 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresComedyFamilyCertificateTV-MAParents guide

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