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Two young men, Martin Brest (Til Schweiger) and Rudi Wurlitzer (Jan Josef Liefers), both suffering from terminal cancer, get to know each other in a hospital room. They drown their desperation in tequila and decide to take one last trip to the sea. Drunk, and still in pajamas, they steal the first fancy car they find, a 1960s Mercedes convertible. The car happens to belong to a bunch of gangsters, who immediately start to chase it, since it contains more than the pistol Martin finds in the glove box. —Armin Ortmann seatequilahospitalconvertiblecancer71 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesEin schnelles Auto, 1 Million Mark im Kofferraum und nur noch eine Woche zu lebenGenresActionCrimeComedyDramaCertificateNot RatedParents guide


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