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Three ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater set up their former lover to fall for the new girl in town so they can watch him get his heart broken.

  • Betty Thomas
  • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Landscape Entertainment
  • Dune Entertainment
Teenager Kate Spencer has always felt invisible to the world, largely living in the shadow of her beautiful divorced mother, Lori Spencer, who catches the attention of every man she meets. Kate has collectively nicknamed all Lori's boyfriends "Skip", as they always skip out on her, Lori who picks up and moves in the aftermath. In moving to Portland, Oregon, Kate's invisible status changes out of circumstance. She gets drawn into a school crowd consisting of media expert Carrie Schaeffer, head cheerleader Heather Straham, and sexually active activist Beth McIntyre, the three who did not travel in the same social circle until Kate's arrival. Their common bond is popular John Tucker, the school's star basketball player and big man on campus. The three learn that John has been dating each of them behind the other two's backs, telling each that they are "the one". This revelation brings out the claws in each of the three who attack the other two. However, Kate, in her experiences with the Skips, convinces them that the other two are not the enemy, but John himself, who has played each of them, making them feel like the guilty party instead of him. So Kate convinces them that the best course of action is for the three of them to bond together to get their revenge against John. Being too close to the subject, the three believe they need Kate's help. Their plan is to transform Kate into the perfect girl - an amalgam of the three of them - to catch John's wandering eye, after which she will dump him and break his heart. There are several potential problems in their plan. John's popularity may make him immune to any backlash against him that they may try to cause. Inexperienced Kate, who has never had a boyfriend, may not only not be equipped to navigate dating, but she may fall under John's spell despite she having seen the slime-ball in him in action. And Kate being involved with John may jeopardize any possibility of a relationship with who she seems to be mutually attracted, namely John's younger brother, Scott Tucker, who, like Kate, has largely lived in the shadow of his more popular relative.


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