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  • Paolo Cedolin Petrini
  • Production Company
  • Association Pour La Création Cinématographique De Monaco
  • Mathieu has everything a young man could want: a large apartment in Monaco, which he shares with his best friend Sébastien, affluence and all the women he wants end up in his bed. When Emma, a young seasonal worker with a strong character, has no other choice but to live with him, disputes are in the air, and their incompatibility is undoubted. Between the battle of the sexes and life lessons, Emma and Mathieu will share their conceptions of desire, and the male and female relationship, and gradually, disagreements will take less and less importance.

  • Mathieu has everything a young man could want, a great apartment in Monaco that he shares with his best friend Sébastien, plenty of money, and all of the women he could ask for. When Emma, strong-willed and working in Monaco for the summer, is forced to move in with Mathieu, arguments quickly ensue, and it's clear that the two just aren't compatible. Between a battle of the sexes and some of life's great lessons, Emma and Mathieu try to figure out what they want, and what a relationship means to them. And little by little, those disagreements become less and less important.


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