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A common friend's sudden death brings three men, married with children, to reconsider their lives and ultimately leave together. But mindless enthusiasm for regained freedom will be ...

Approaching middle age, Archie, Gus, Harry and Stuart are suburban New Yorkers, white collar professionals, husbands, fathers, and best friends. Stuart dies suddenly of a heart attack. Immediately following the funeral, Archie, Gus and Harry feel the need to spend time together not so much to mourn Stuart's death, but rather mourn their collective lost sense of immortality. After a two day binge of trying to recapture the sense of their youth in various ways, the three know that they have to return to the realities of life, meaning returning to family and work. However, an incident that occurs between Harry and his wife - which is a culmination of previous such incidents - leads to Harry deciding to extend his time away from reality, this escape both literally and figuratively, which Archie and Gus happily oblige. Following this extension, the three will individually have to figure out what their immediate future holds based on the events since the funeral in combination with their adults lives up to this point. Those decisions may or may not reflect what is truly in their hearts.


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