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At Goodkind High School, a group of students with varying sexual orientations form an after-school club as a discreet way to share their feelings and experiences.

Russell Middlebrook, a senior at Goodkind High School, feels like his father wants him to be an exact replica of him. That's why in testing his sexual orientation, he believing he may be gay, Russell has remained deep in the closet. Although officially stood up on a meeting in person leading out of an anonymous online chat, Russell later learns that that other person is a fellow classmate, Kevin Land, one of the school's star football players. Keven eventually makes it clear to Russell that he does want to have relationship with him, only on the understanding that they do remain in the closet. Kevin's own want to be in the closet is despite Russell learning that Kevin's parents would probably be supportive if they knew Kevin was gay, unlike Russell's father. Russell and Kevin believe they are being blackmailed by Min, a fellow student, when she catches them in an embrace. However, what Russell learns is that she only wants to introduce them to the school's "Geography Club", a self-formed club as a front for an in-the-closet or questioning gay/lesbian support group. After testing the waters with them, Russell does decide to join the Club. Beyond Kevin's efforts for he and Russell to legitimize their friendship in public but not their relationship, Russell being able to hide his homosexual orientation is threatened by agreeing to be the wingman for his best friend, Gunnar, which entails Russell dating Trish, an on the surface innocent girl, but who really wants to have sex with Russell. The Geography Club goes through growing pains of its own, with the two main issues being if they will be all inclusive, adding the most marginalized students in the school, and if they should make the Club official, meaning that all its members would be outed. The latter would have a direct affect on what happens in Russell and Kevin's relationship.


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