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  • Bertrand Tavernier
  • Production Companies
  • Hachette Première
  • Little Bear
  • France 2 Cinéma
  • Three teenagers plan to steal the necessary funds to open their dream shop in the US, but things get messy.

  • Three adolescents, a girl who serves as the priming and two boys, kill two men cold blooded who were known by the girl only for to steal the money of them. With the money the three want to open a shop for clothing in the United States. But their dream turns out to be more difficult to realize than the assassination.

  • In Paris, the eighteen year-old Nathalie Magnan works in a clothing store during the day and escorts successful men in a nightclub in the night. Nathalie lives with her boyfriend Eric and his moronic friend Bruno (Bruno Putzulu) in an apartment she rents. Eric dreams on traveling to the United States with Nathalie to open their on business but his father does not finance him. Eric plots a scheme with Bruno, Nathalie and her friend Patricia to raise money. They should go with their costumers to their apartments and once inside the apartment, they should the door open so that they could rob the apartment. Things do not work well and Patricia decides to give up and not participate in the heists. But when their plan goes wrong, Eric and Bruno have to kill their victim.

  • December, 1993. A girl and two boys callously murder and rob first one man and then another, both picked from the girl's list of acquaintances. Their motive? To get ahead in life and make some easy money. The girl, Nathalie, signs a confession and is allowed to go home. She lured the victims to their fate but the boys, Eric and Bruno, did the brutal killing. None of the three has any distinguishing features, yet the seeds of evil are there.


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