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Divaswapna is a story of the journey of a village boy named Kanaji who achieved all his dreams with his courage, commitment and passion despite of many odds in his life. Kanaji's father, a good hearten farmer, with a dream of imparting best of the education to his son and other kids of his village plays a pivotal role in this journey of his son along with a teacher named Narendra. The story goes through many ups and downs in the life of Kanaji as he got trapped with situations like teenage mischief, father's demise and conspiracies of the village chief and his friends. He keeps chasing his dreams of educating the farming community for innovative and organic methods of farming and better education system as preached and practiced by renowned educationalist " Gijubhai Badheka" that was incidentally, Divaswapna of his late father as well. He, despite of all odds, is finally able to achieve all his dreams with the help of his school teacher, friends and love interest. This story of Kanji highlights following points:1) Challenges of farmers. 2) Organic and innovative farming. 3) Improvised education system. 4) Challenges of modern day parenting.social dramaPlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesLearn while you play and play while you learn.GenreDramaParents guideAdd content advisory


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