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A videographer captures an engaged couple's decision to proceed with a sham wedding after the bride calls off the ceremony and decides to break up with her partner, who secretly hopes that his surprise gift will ultimately change her mind.

Having worked in the business for ten years, Vic James is a wedding videographer who will do anything to make the resulting video special for the bride and groom regardless of what s*** has gone on during the events. He is looking forward to his latest job filming Alison Jones and Phil Havemeyer's nuptials if only because Alison is a people pleaser, which means that she has given him unfettered access to everything for filming, while Phil is always distracted by being on his iPhone to bother noticing what Vic is doing. The night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner, Alison gets a case of cold feet largely because of her parents' own failed marriage, with the resulting belief that she and Phil are destined to break up at some point in their lives, so better do it now than later. Being that people pleaser in not wanting to disrupt the lives of others who have placed their time and energy into the proceedings, Alison is able to convince Phil to go through with a wedding ceremony but not actually get married, being able to achieve such without needing to tell anyone else solely by not signing the marriage certificate. Secretly learning this fact is when Vic decides to work on his own agenda by filming the proceedings to produce a documentary about the crazy mindset usually normal people have only when it comes to weddings. Beyond the fact of the wedding not being a wedding, Vic has a treasure trove of other issues around the wedding to film for the documentary. Alison has to try and reconcile her mother and her remarried father's roles in the proceedings in light of her new "Internet bride" Czech stepmother, who she doesn't really understand or like because she's not her mother. Phil has a secret plan to win Alison back, which partly entails asking his pompous boss, Damian Haines, to be his new best man, while not letting his real best man and oldest friend, Chris "Bena" Benaschnaz, know that he has been replaced. And Mary Kowalchik, Alison's maid of honor, in-between her official duties of making sure all Alison's need are taken care of, works on her own agenda of really needing to get laid before the end of the proceedings.


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