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During a heist in Russia, a professional thief finds himself dealing with serial killers, insane hostages, double-crossing psycho Russian hardmen and the real possibility of a horrible death.

  • Kit Ryan
  • ApolloProMovie & Co. 1. Filmproduktion
  • Arcade Films
  • Barraboy Films
While escaping from a successful heist of diamonds in an auction house for the Russian mobster lord Mr. Groznyi, the driver of the runaway car crashes a wall and only the thief Ritchie Donovan survives. He runs with the wallet full of diamonds, but he is hit by a car and loses the stones on the street. The upset Mr. Groznyi sends Ritchie to Moscow to compensate his mistake and steal an ancient and valuable cross in the penthouse of a building with the clumsy Russian brothers Peter and Yuri. However the plan goes wrong and Ritchie and his partners take a group of passengers from the elevator as hostage to the 13th floor. They negotiate with the police, but when they release the first hostage in good faith, they discover that their negotiator is not from the police but an evil serial-killer, beginning their night of terror trapped on the floor.


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