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After Rahul's white pop-star fiancée dies in a bizarre levitation accident his mother insists he find another girl as soon as possible, preferably a Hindi one. As she backs this up by ...

Ten years ago, teen-aged Indo-Canadian Rahul Seth swore on his father's deathbed to make family a priority and marry a nice South Asian girl so that he would lead the Seth family into continued respectability above all else. Now, a wealthy Rahul is still unmarried, and is unlikely to get married in his own estimation. He can't ever marry his one true love, Anglo pop star Kimberly Worthum, and feels no woman, let alone a South Asian one, can ever replace her in his heart. But Ruby, Rahul's drama queen of a mother, won't allow the wedding of Twinky - Rahul's sister - to go ahead until Rahul has found a South Asian bride. Knowing that will not happen, Rahul makes a very expensive and strictly business arrangement with a domineering woman named Sue to act as his future bride for Twinky's wedding. Rahul met Sue when she tried to pick him up in a bar. Rahul believes Sue works as an escort and is ethnically Spanish, but that she can legitimately pass as South Asian. As Rahul and Sue go through with the deception, aided by Rahul's faithful chauffeur Rocky who is hiding his own secret, Rahul learns that Sue's deception goes a little deeper in many different respects. What Rahul doesn't know is the baggage that Sue herself brings into the arrangement.


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