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There's no place like home. Thank god. A Night for Dying Tigers is a dark, heartfelt and ultimately revealing portrait of a family on the edge of disintegration.

Jack Yates, Russell Yates, Patrick Yates and adopted Karen Yates are adult siblings. Tomorrow, Jack, the de facto head of the family since their parents' deaths just over a year ago, will be heading into prison for a five year sentence for killing a rapist. The siblings and their loved ones are having a small catered dinner party in the family home to send Jack off, the house designed and built by their architect father which is the last physical touchstone to their family collective, and which is now largely shut up except for some routine maintenance to keep it up. The party provides the opportunity for the knowns in the family's interrelationships to be played out before Jack's incarceration. Jack and his photographer wife Melanie are outwardly trying to keep their marriage together in light of the fact that the killing was in the process of saving Jack's long time mistress, Jules. Jules and Jack unspokenly know the true details of what was happening in light of their own history. Russell, an acclaimed novelist who hasn't written in years and who is also a college professor, is dating one of his grad students, the much younger Carly, the relationship which was arranged by Carly's parents. Patrick, a film director whose movies generally cater to the lowest common denominator, has just announced he is engaged to a woman the family has yet to meet named Celine, the marriage which will undoubtedly affect the physical relationship that Patrick and Karen, the most supportive but highly emotional sibling, have long had in their true romantic love for each other. What happens during the evening is also affected by some revelations including the nature of Patrick's latest movie project, and a purchase Melanie has just made.


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