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A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.

In the early twentieth century, Zurich-based Carl Jung is a follower in the new theories of psychoanalysis of Vienna-based Sigmund Freud, who states that all psychological problems are rooted in sex. Jung uses those theories for the first time as part of his treatment of Sabina Spielrein, a young Russian woman brought to his care. She is obviously troubled despite her assertions that she is not crazy. Jung is able to uncover the reasons for Sabina's psychological problems, she who is an aspiring physician herself. In this latter role, Jung employs her to work in his own research, which often includes him and his wife Emma as test subjects. Jung is eventually able to meet Freud himself, they, based on their enthusiasm, who develop a friendship driven by their lengthy philosophical discussions on psychoanalysis. Actions by Jung based on his discussions with another patient, a fellow psychoanalyst named Otto Gross, lead to fundamental changes in Jung's relationships with Freud, Sabina and Emma. Those relationships are also affected by Freud's unbending views of psychoanalysis and its use, by Sabina's growing self-awareness of what drives her emotionally, regardless of their negative root causes, and by Emma's feelings of guilt over not being able to produce a male heir for her husband.


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