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A man travels from China to Vietnam, on the brink of war with America, to retrieve his uncle and cousin but find complications when he falls in love with a female gangster with a dangerous ex.

Mark (Chow Yun Fat) went to Saigon near the end of the Vietnam War, and got Mun (Tony Leung Ka Fai), his cousin, out of Saigon jail. Mun was in jail trying to smuggle in enough dollars to bribe enough officials so Mun and Mun's father can get out of the country. The contact they got in country was Kit (Anita Mui). When a local warlord try to mess up the deal, Mark, Mun, and Kit were able to fight their way out until help arrived, and that cemented their friendship. Kit fell in love with Mark, and knows that Mun also loves her, but she had to wait for Ho, the true leader of the company, her lover (or ex-lover?) missing for three years. All three were able to escape Saigon and settled in Hong Kong, but Ho reappeared, and tried to destroy Mark and Mun by sending a bomb to their new business. Mun's father was killed, and Kit, along with Ho, went back to Saigon to wrap things up and get their last funds out. Kit has alternate plans that will hopefully save Mark and Mun from further retaliation by Ho... But Mark and Mun also arrived in Saigon, intent to settle things their way. The local warlord, the one Kit embarrassed a while back, was not happy, and he has control of the money Ho wants to get out of the country. The warlord tried to double-cross Ho and Kit, and Kit is about to kill everybody with a bomb, when Mark and Mun showed up for the big shootout and fireworks at the end...


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